Damn Liberal Sense


Finally, the man is agreeing with what I’ve been saying all along: not only is sex good, but meat is bad. This article by the AP states that providing contraceptives for people in third-world countries would be one of the most cost effective ways to prevent global warming. This is because one of the problems with projecting future global emissions is the wild card of future population growth since a higher population inevitably demands more resources. Another point I like that the article provides is that another way to reduce demand on resources is for people to consume less meat. How to go about getting individuals to do either of these would be a task, but I’m sure with time and dedicated money and manpower going into researching solutions, we’ll have the Earth back on the fast track to…whatever isn’t global warming.


Beyoncé + Megan Fox = 11

Beyoncé Knowles and Megan Fox

It’s been next to impossible to find good facial morphing software. Until now.